The expected number of hours per resident day that factors into the staffing star ratings is derived directly from the MDS, and is based on the Strive study that CMS conducted. Our products can help you better predict your staffing star ratings, by conducting ongoing analytics of your MDS assessments. Our products will alert you when overall or RN staffing needs are increasing, and will also forecast your staffing star rating.

Very often nursing home administrators feel caught between a rock and a hard place. You need to free up staff time to meet the needs of your residents, but the paperwork including the MDS assessments, internal audits, and increasing demands from state and federal surveyors take staff away from residents. This can cause a lengthy downward spiral in profits, star ratings, and resident and family satisfaction.

Our products are designed to get you out of that spiral. Most people don’t enter the field because they like data, they want to provide good quality care. We love data and have created products to integrate your systems and get you doing what you love again. We’re here to help you help your residents and yourselves. We believe that data systems should free you to do your jobs better, not require you to be tethered to a computer.